How to enable/disable the multi-view mode?

How to enable/disable the multi-view mode?

AZInsight has different options to the best use your screen space, one of them is the multi-view mode. A multi-view mode is a display option that will allow you to see all the tabs of AZInsight. This includes the Calculator, Variations Viewer, and the Stock Checker into a single tab. 

To enable the Multi-View mode

      1. Click on the Settings icon.

      2. Click on View Settings

     3. To enable make sure to click in the checkbox next to MultiView Display. To Disable uncheck the box next to MultiView Display.

Be aware that while using the Multi-View mode, your browser will use more resources on your web browser when opening many ASINs on the browser at the same time, the Hazmat and Seller restrictions checker may stop working.