How to export a Magic Link

How to export a Magic Link

A Magic Link is a URL containing particular parameters with the FBA and FBM buy cost and sell price that can be created manually and entered into a spreadsheet or automatically created by AZInsight to be exported.  The Magic-Link's purpose is to open an Amazon product page and prefill the buy and sell calculating the profit for the ASIN. For a breakdown of the different parts of the Magic Link please click here.

To export the Magic Link you can follow the steps below.

1. On AZInsight, open Settings by clicking on the cog icon in the top right corner
2. Click on Export Configuration
3. Edit or Create an Export Profile, make sure to have "Calculator" set 
4. Use the search field and type in "Magic"
5. Select the Magic Link that you want to use, AZInsight support FBA/FBM Magic-Links

Below you will find an example, Magic Link, that you can click to open with AZInsight to see the buy and sell price for both FBA and FBA automatically filled. Click here to open an example.

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