How to perform a hard reset of AZInsight Chrome Extension

How to perform a hard reset of AZInsight Chrome Extension

1. In your browser bar, type chrome://extensions/

2. In the search bar, type azinsight

3. Click the blue toggle on the AZInsight extension 

4. Close the Chrome browser

  1. Click the “” button in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser window.
  2. Select the Exit button. This will close all tabs and windows and end the process.

Windows shortcut: Windows keyboard shortcuts  Ctrl + Shift + Q or Alt + F4 will also work.

Apple Mac shortcut: Mac keyboard shortcut  ⌘ Cmd + Q will also work.

5. Open chrome, the Chrome browser

6. Turn AZInsight back on by typing in your browser bar type chrome://extensions/ and clicking the search bar type azinsight and then clicking the toggle on

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