How to uninstall & reinstall any chrome extension

How to uninstall or reinstall any chrome extension?

To uninstall and reinstall an extension on the chrome browser follow the steps below: 

How to UNINSTALL the chrome extension to do this
  1. Click on the three vertical dots on the top right-hand corner of the chrome browser
  2. Hover the mouse over Extensions and click on Manage Extensions
  3. Locate the card of the chrome extension icon of the extension you wish to uninstall 
  4. Click on Remove
  5. A popup will appear asking to confirm the remove Click on Remove
How to INSTALL the chrome extension to do this

1. Select from the list below the extension you are trying to re-install to open its chrome browser page
  1. AZInsight 
  2. AZAlert
  3. ASINFetcher
2. Click Add to Chrome
3. Click Add Extension

There are cases when you will need to exit out of all instances of the Google Chrome browser to ensure the browser clears the computer RAM and successfully reloads the new extension code. You can do this on Windows keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+ ⇧ Shift+ Q or Alt+ F4+ Q will also work or using Mac keyboard shortcut ⌘ Cmd+ Q will also work

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