Is this AZInsight against Amazon's Terms of Service (TOS)?

Is this AZInsight against Amazon's Terms of Service (TOS)?

No. The asinzen team has created various other Amazon seller support tools over the past several years and we have a dedicated staff. We constantly monitor Amazon's TOS (terms of service) / policy's for any changes which affect our applications or cause our application to become in violation of a set Amazon TOS. 

We are very transparent about our products and business practices. If any issues occur we immediately will notify you (our customer). We pride our self's in being transparent and having a good standing relationship as developers within the Amazon MWS developer program. See our extensive compliance statements here.

Since our applications including our chrome extensions do not communicate directly to Amazon about your account. Amazon does not detect you are running this tool nor does it ban your account for using our tool. does not ban any tools made unless they are violating the TOS guidelines set in their documentation.

That being asinzen ensures our applications including our chrome extensions are 100% compliant with Amazon's Terms of Service Requirements. Our applications including our chrome extensions only interact with a page that you can see only after you are logged into Amazon Seller Central. Our applications including our chrome extensions do not interact with any other pages on Amazon (i.e inventory page).

If you have any concerns or questions about this extension please chat with us or send us a message at