On how many devices can I use AZInsight?

On how many devices can I use AZInsight with one subscription?

To combat fraud subscription comes with 2 extra logins for use by you or your team member with the condition that you can only use your login on one device at a time. 

Each subscription by default comes with :
  1. The main account (the account that pays the subscription) 
  2. Two secondary accounts for use by you or your team member 
Each login license has its email and password that can only be used to log into AZInsight or on ScanEZ one device at a time. This means that if you're using AZInsight on your laptop computer and then you log in on your desktop computer your session on your laptop will expire and you will be kicked out and asked to log back in.  The same principle applies to ScanEZ; if you log in on ScanEZ while using your laptop then you will be asked to log back in.
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