Resources for E-Commerce Business School Students

Resources for E-Commerce Business School Students

After signing up for the first time on AZInsight you're required to add your SellerID and MWS keys to enjoy the unlimited trial. Not adding your keys will start the limited trial on your account which only lets you use the software to evaluate 40 products (If you want to learn what the difference between unlimited and limited trials are, click here). It's important to do add your SellerID and MWS keys to get to use the full trial.

To find your SellerID and MWS keys, follow the steps listed below:

STEP ONE:  Your SellerID is found on a special page on amazon seller central to get to this click here(the page will open in a new tab)

STEP TWO: Add asinzen as a developer in your Amazon Seller Central to get your MWS keys. To do this follow the steps below:

1. Log into Amazon Seller Central, click on Settings, then click on User permissions.
2. Scroll to the section that says Third-Party Developers and App
3. Click on "Visit Manage Your Apps" and then click on  Authorize new developer. 
4. In the form, enter the Developer Nickname as asinzen and use the Developer ID enter 4115-0480-6564 if your Account is an account and  then click  NEXT
5. On the next page, you will be presented with a screen as shown below. Copy down SellerID and MWS Auth Token 

STEP THREE: Once you have your SellerID and MWS keys (from STEP TWO) you need to add these to the web portal. Follow these steps to do this

1. Go to the web portal and log in using your email and password (the one you signed up with). 
2. Locate and click your name on the top right-hand corner and click on  Manage Marketplace
3. Locate your Marketplace you wish to add, then copy your SellerID and MWS keys in the respective inputs and Click Save

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The above steps are also detailed in a video you can watch by clicking this link here
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After adding your SellerID and MWS keys, you can watch this short overview of the software to get to know the tool click this link here