Why does AZInsight show different fees than Amazon Revenue Calculator?

The profit AZInsight calculates is different than what the Amazon Revenue Calculator returns

When the profit AZInsight calculated is different from the net profit Amazon Revenue Calculator calculated please check the following:

Possible cause
Check on the Revenue Calculator
Check for on AZInsight
Additional Notes
Monthly fees on AZInsight are turned off
Make sure you have the monthly storage fee turned on on AZInsight because the Amazon Revenue Calculator automatically includes the monthly storage fees by default.

The product dimensions AZInsight fetched from the Amazon APi are different from the weight of what is in the Amazon catalog
Check to make sure the Amazon Seller Central calculator is showing the same product dimensions. If not this may be due to an issue on Amazon's catalog where the APi is not synced with what the catalog shows.

Dimension discrepancies are caused when The product was re-weighted at the fulfillment center and found to be different from the weight than what is in the Amazon catalog or the product was re-measured at the fulfillment center and found to be different from the measurements than what is in the Amazon catalog. To correct this we recommend that you open a case on Amazon Seller Central requesting a "cubiscan" on the ASIN. 
Some costs are added to the Amazon Revenue Calculator that are not added on AZInsight
Verify that you are not accounting for the extra costs that are not being added in AZInsight. Click to open an exam.

The monthly storage fee selected on the Revenue calculator does not match what is set on AZInsight 

Make sure you select the same storage period on AZInsight as you are using on the Amazon Revenue Calculator. Click to open an exam.