Troubleshooting: I click on the Sign in with Google button but nothing happens

Troubleshooting: I click on the "Sign in with Google" button but nothing happens

Refer to the table below for help in troubleshooting 

Cause  Solution   Reference
The Google authentication popup window has opened in the back of the current Chrome windowLocate the Google authentication popup window in the background by resizing the current window or moving the window away from the center of the screenSee Video here
Chrome has blocked or is not allowing the window to appearClose the Chrome browser completely and re-open it, go to the AZInsight plugin go to settings Google Sheets Settings and click on Sign in with Google 
You are logged into a browser that doesn't support the Google Chrome IntegrationsPlease download and use the official Google Chrome Browser. 
You are not logged on to your Chrome browser using a Google accountPlease create a new Google profile and log into Chrome