Understanding the Google Sheet Integration

Understanding the Google Sheet Integration

This tutorial is lengthy and covers the google sheet integration topic. If you do not have the patience to read the post you can watch this video here and come back to this tutorial for reference.  For this tutorial, we will be using a new Google Spreadsheet with a single sheet. If you use a Google Spreadsheet from a coaching program, please follow your coach's instructions. 

Google Sheet Integration is a feature that allows you to copy data from AZInsight to a Google Sheet. In this short tutorial, we will cover the following topics.

How does it work?

For this integration to work, we need 3 things.

  1. Permission from your Google Account.
  2. A Google Sheet.
  3. And a Data Profile

We connect to your Google Account to have access to your Google Spreadsheets. We do this to get permission to write on a Google Sheet on your Google Account. AZInsight only writes data; we don't read any data from your files. Each time you click the Copy to Google Sheet button, we copy the data to your Google Sheet; you can customize the data you want to copy to your Google Sheet using a Data Profile.

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How do I customize the data I copy to my Google Sheet?

A Data Profile is a collection of data fields. A data field is, for example, the Price, the Product Title, the ASIN, and many more. You can select as many data fields as you need, assign them a name, and link the Data Profile to one of your Google Sheets.

To customize what data you send to your Google Sheet, you have to go to your Export Configuration settings; you do this by going to the Settings Menu and then Export Configuration. Once there, you will see a section with the name Manage Export Profiles; click on Add New Profile.

You will need to select that you're creating a profile to copy data from the Calculator, not for the Variations Viewer.We have two columns; one is for the available fields, and the other is for the data you want to copy to your Google Spreadsheet.

Drag and Drop any data field you want to copy to your Google Sheet. You will need to add a name for your Data Profile; this will come in handy when we link our Data Profile to a Google Sheet. Don't forget to click save.

On the bottom, you can see a preview of how it will look on your Google Sheet; this is what we call a header row; you can click on this small button to copy your headers and add them to a brand new Google Sheet. You will need to add your header only if you're creating your own Google Spreadsheet; if you're using a Google Spreadsheet from a Business School, please follow your coach's instructions.

How do I connect AZInsight to my Google Account?

We start this process by going to the Settings Menu and then clicking on Export Configuration.

You will see a big blue button that says Sign in with Google; please click the button. If you already did this, you will see your email and the status Connected with email@account.comWhen you click the Sign in with Google button, a new window will pop up; sometimes, this window popup behind your browser, so be sure to check if it is hidden somewhere on your desktop.

After allowing AZInsight access to your Google Account, you can complete the Google Integration Setup. You will need to provide the name of your Google Spreadsheet, a sheet where you will copy the data from AZInsight, a header row, and a Data Profile.

Let's start by adding the name of your Google Spreadsheet.

Now, let's find the sheet you want to use.

We add the header row for our sheet.

To find your header row, you need to look at your Google Sheet. Find the first column and the first row, in this case, the first header is A1, and the last one is D1.

Remember that we added our Header Row to our brand new spreadsheet when creating the Data Profile; this only applies if you're building a new Google Sheet.

If you're using a Google Spreadsheet from a Business School, please follow your coach's instructions.

And lastly, the most important part of this process, the Data Profile.

After saving, you will have a working Google Sheet Integration.

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Troubleshoot issues with the Google Sheets Integration

Below are some common issues that occur with the Google Sheets Integration

If your issue is not listed, please open a ticket for a Customer Champion to assist you.