What does load time in the historical data section mean

What does load time in the historical data section mean?

The load time indicates how long it too for AZInsight to communicate to ur servers and send the data to your browser. It is used to troubleshoot and benchmark loading time for our users. 

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    • What is the Historical Data source?

      Historical Data is 3rd party data provided by Keepa, to comply with Amazon's terms of service, you must add a data source manually. To do this, follow these steps: Click the Click to Set button Locate the section that says Historical Data Source  ...
    • What data can I export out of AZInsight?

      AZInsight can export data out of both the calculator screen and the variations viewer screen to Quick Copy, Export to CSV (excel), and to the Google Sheets Integrations Data you can export from the Calculator   Data you can export from the Variations ...
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      To calculate the 3rd Party FBA Profit AZInsight uses the formula  Sell Price - FBA Fees - Your custom costs - Buy Cost (if any is entered in the calculator screen) The Sell Price and Buy Cost used for this calculation come from what is entered on the ...
    • What does Available for mean on the SearchView plugin?

      This is a historical data point gathered by AZInsight that indicates roughly how long the product has been on the Amazon Catalog. It is NOT estimated but based on real data. You can see this information on the calculator and the SearchView plugin.
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       Icon Risk  Reason    Moderate We were not able to vet out the claim(s) on file for this brand that was reported by the seller. This is because the claim was reported by a community member or a 3rd party partner who did not provide us with proof ...