What does the N/A mean next to the available for on the SearchView

What does the N/A mean next to the "available for" on the SearchView?

The SearchView plugin was unable to retrieve a date, which is why you see N/A next to the "Available For" section. However, you can try to force the plugin to grab the date by clicking on the calculator button. If the date is available, it will be displayed after the plugin retrieves it.

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    • What does Available for mean on the SearchView plugin?

      This is a historical data point gathered by AZInsight that indicates roughly how long the product has been on the Amazon Catalog. It is NOT estimated but based on real data. You can see this information on the calculator and the SearchView plugin.
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      To enable the filter options on the SearchView add-on you can follow the steps below. On AZInsight, click on the gear icon and select Plugins. If you do not see the Plugins item, make sure that you're using AZInsight Advanced and not the Starter ...
    • What does "NO BUY BOX" mean on the SearchView?

      The no buy box indicates that AZInsight could not find a buy box on the amazon product page for this ASIN. If you would like to learn what the buy box is and where to find it, please visit this article.
    • What do the different color icons on the IP Brand Notification mean?

       Icon Risk  Reason    Moderate We were not able to vet out the claim(s) on file for this brand that was reported by the seller. This is because the claim was reported by a community member or a 3rd party partner who did not provide us with proof ...
    • Why am I seeing N/A next to sales or revenue in AZInsight?

      In some cases, we are unable to determine the sales or revenue of an ASIN, and therefore we will display N/A. If you encounter this, please send us the ASIN, and we can investigate the reason we are unable to get this data. We display N/A in cases ...