What is Low-Price FBA fees?

What is Low-Price FBA fees?

According to Amazon, products priced under $10 will automatically receive Low-Price FBA rates with the same delivery speeds as standard FBA. Low-Price FBA rates are $0.77 less than standard FBA rates. 

This means that all products priced under $10 will automatically receive Low-Price FBA rates. No action is required.

Below you will find a table with a deailed breakdown of the new fees.

Size tierShipping weight1Low-Price FBA rates excluding apparelLow-Price FBA rates for apparelLow-Price FBA rates for dangerous goods
Small standard4 oz or less$2.45$2.66$3.42
4+ to 8 oz$2.63$2.81$3.71
8+ to 12 oz$2.81$3.10$3.87
12+ to 16 oz$3.00$3.38$3.60
Large standard4 oz or less$3.09$3.66$3.87
4+ to 8 oz$3.31$3.86$4.12
8+ to 12 oz$3.47$4.07$4.26
12+ to 16 oz$3.98$4.55$4.57
16 oz+ to 1.5 lb$4.63$5.33$5.23
1.5+ to 2 lb$4.92$5.60$5.52
2+ to 2.5 lb$5.33$6.06$5.79
2.5+ to 3 lb$5.62$6.28$6.08
3+ to 20 lb$6.40 + $0.16/half-lb above first 3 lb$6.40 + $0.16/half-lb above first 3 lb$6.86 + $0.16/half-lb above first 3 lb
Small oversize70 lb or less$8.96 + $0.42/lb above first lb$8.96 + $0.42/lb above first lb$9.71 + $0.42/lb above first lb
Medium oversize150 lb or less$18.28 + $0.42/lb above first lb$18.28 + $0.42/lb above first lb$19.15 + $0.42/lb above first lb
Large oversize150 lb or less$89.21 + $0.83/lb above first 90 lb$89.21 + $0.83/lb above first 90 lb$101.14 + $0.83/lb above first 90 lb
Special oversizeOver 150 lb$157.72 + $0.83/lb above first 90 lb$157.72 + $0.83/lb above first 90 lb$178.51 + $0.83/lb above first 90 lb

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