What is the Forecast Calculator?

What is the Forecast Calculator?

The forecast calculator works by helping you find the ideal buy cost or sell price based on your target Net Profit or Margin or ROI. Follow the steps below to get to the forecast calculator.

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      You can hide the FBM calculator on AZInsight following these steps.  Click on the gear settings icon, then click on View Settings Locate the section that label   Hide the following features on AZInsight  and click the checkbox next to FBM Calculator ...
    • How do I apply a discount to the buy cost of a product?

      To apply a discount to the buy cost, you have to turn on the discount calculator feature in AZInsight. To do this, follow these steps below: Click on the gear settings icon.  ⚙ Click on Calculator Settings then locate and click on the section labeled ...
    • Does AZInsight account for Amazon Closing Fees?

      Yes, closing fees are only applied to certain Amazon categories. The closing fee will show up on the FBA Fee Breakdown. For a full list of the categories that have closing fees please go to: Amazon Closing Fees.
    • Why do I need to set a home marketplace if I sell in the EU?

      The reason we ask that you set a home marketplace is so we can properly return the fulfillment feesCase Using AZInsight on Marketplace How AZInsight calculates your fulfillment fees  Case Using AZInsight on  Seller Central Marketplace  How AZInsight ...
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      AZInsight can help you save time by automatically calculating a target Buy Cost for you based on what you want to achieve, this is known as the auto-fill feature. AZInsight has three options to automatically calculate a Buy Cost for you, these ...