What is the SearchView plugin and what Information does it provide?

What is the SearchView plugin and what Information does it provide?

The SearchView plugin is an add-on for AZInsight and it is designed to give you product-related information directly on the search page of Amazon. In order for the plugin to work, it must be enabled please follow this guide to enable the plugin. SearchView gives you the following information:
  • Current ASIN
  • Estimated Monthly Sales
  • Estimated Monthly Revenue
  • Days ASIN has existed in Amazon Catalog 
  • Current Rank in root category and sub-category 
  • Access to the AZInsight FBA/FBM calculator
  • Access to Hazmat and seller restrictions 
  • Does BuyBox exist
  • Total FBA Sellers 
  • Total FBM Seller

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    • What does Available for mean on the SearchView plugin?

      This is a historical data point gathered by AZInsight that indicates roughly how long the product has been on the Amazon Catalog. It is NOT estimated but based on real data. You can see this information on the calculator and the SearchView plugin.
    • What does the N/A mean next to the "available for" on the SearchView?

      The N/A next to the Available for indicates that the SearchView plugin was unable to properly get a date. To force the SearchView plugin to attempt to grab a date, you can click the calculator button. If available, this will grab the date and then ...
    • How does AZNotes plugin work?

      The AZNotes Plugin gives you the ability to create a note for an SKU of a particular ASIN on either the Amazon Seller Central inventory page  or the  Shipping Queue page or the Amazon product page.  To create a note, follow these steps:        1.  Go ...
    • On what pages does the SearchView feature work on?

      SearchView feature is designed to work on the Amazon Search Page  Here is an example of an Amazon search: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=nerf+gun&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
    • How do I know if the meltable plugin is working?

      Once you have enabled the meltable plugin, you can verify that it is working by clicking on the link below, which will take you to a product that will trigger the meltable icon to appear. If the meltable icon does not appear, please ensure that you ...