Which referral links should I use when posting on my site?

Which referral links should I use when posting on my site?

Login into the Referral Partner Center. Under the Resources, click on Link Generator there you will find the following links. 

The infographic below shows the best use for the various links. 

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    • Where do I find my referral links?

      Login into the Referral Partner Center. Under the Resources, click on Link Generator. There you will see the list of the referral links you can use on your website, blog etc.
    • How does the My Links feature work?

      My Links feature gives you the ability to create basic hyperlinks and append the product ASIN, product title or UPC inside the URL. Below are instructions on how to create a URL in the My Links feature.  Creating a link  Click on the gear settings ...
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      The referral fee is a fee Amazon charges you every time you sell a product. The fee varies based on the product category and can go as low as 8% and as high as 45%. You can read more about the referral fee by going to the Amazon SC website: Referral ...
    • How do I know if a site is being blocked in Chrome?

      1. Open a browser tab and type type: chrome://settings/content/cookies?search=block 2. This window will appear. Look under the section that says Block. Here you will see any site that are blocked
    • How to multiply the referral fee by number and add it back into the fee breakdown?

      Multiplying the referral fee is done using the custom costs feature. Follow the steps below to accomplish this: 1. Click on the Settings gear icon, then click on Calculator Settings 2. Locate and expand the section called Customize your fixed costs ...