Why is my VA or team member getting different results than me on the AZInsight calculator?

Why am I getting different results from my VA or team member on AZInsight?

Please, use the table to troubleshoot the reasons why you and your team member could be getting different results on the AZInsight calculator.

Possible reason
Your team member is getting lower or higher ROI than you
Your team member is using a different ROI calculation setting
Go to Settings > Calculator Settings > ROI Calculation Method and verify that the setting match in both accounts
Your team member is getting a different profit than you
Is possible that your team member has a different delivery address, Amazon will use geolocation to pick a delivery addres
Set your delivery addres the same in both accounts

To avoid situations like this you can share a delivery address with your team member that both can use, additionaly you can also implement these solutions to share the same Calculator Settings with the members of your team.

Disable the access to the Calculator Settings for your team members, this way the calculator settings will sync using the main account, you can do this by going to the web portal at app.asinzen.com or clicking here.

Clone the Calculator Settings from your main account to your team member account, you can do this by going to the web portal at app.asinzen.com or clicking here.