Why am I seeing all sellers as FBM

Why am I seeing all sellers as FBM?

You might run into a case where all the Sellers on the stock checker show up as FBM. This is caused when the delivery address on your browser isn't set properly. AZInsight will attempt to set it to a default value (90210 Hollywood, CA) for you automatically but it might fail. 

Solution: The current fix is to manually change your delivery address to a local address on your browser.

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      If you are only seeing one type of seller please verify the following  There are no filters on the Stock Checker table that are being applied  In the Stock Checker settings screen, you do not have a setting that hides any types of sellers
    • How to automatically sort by either FBA or FBM on the stock checker table

      1. Click on the Settings gear icon  ⚙ 2. Click on Stock Checker / Variations Settings 3. Location the section  Sort sellers automatically by and select your desired type as FBA, FBM, or None.
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      The stock checker shows the message "No sellers detected on ASIN" when it is unable to find any offers or there is an issue fetching the offers.  To verify there are offers please check the offers listing page by following these steps. Click on the ...
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