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    • What is Meltable FBA Inventory?

      Amazon classifies certain ASINs as “Meltable” which refers to heat-sensitive products that are edible or swallowable, like chocolate, yogurt, gummies, and probiotics. Amazon only accepts these into the fulfillment centers from October 16 to April 30. ...
    • What is Brands Notifications and how does it work?

      Brands Notifications (also known as AZAlert) is a feature that identifies brands that have been known to file various types of claims against Amazon sellers both selling under FBA or FBM.  The brand notifications tooltip is triggered if the ASIN you ...
    • How do I find my paypal name ?

      To find your PayPal name follow the steps below: 1. Log into your Paypal account 2. Click on the gear icon on the top right hand of the page 3. Your PayPal name will show up under the Profile section (as shown in the image below)
    • AZInsight Pricing and Plans

      AZInsight has a monthly payment option and a yearly payment option: Yearly Plans AZInsight Advanced has a cost of USD 145.95 per year AZInsight Starter has a cost of USD $59.95 per year Monthly Plans AZInsight Advanced has a cost of USD 19.95 per ...
    • Adding tax, prep fees, and more using Custom Costs

      Custom Costs is a feature where you can enter additional costs associated with selling on amazon that you want AZInsight to take into account when calculating your Profit, Margin, ROI. These costs can include but are not limited to: Local Sales Tax ...