How to configure the Custom Formula field on AZInsight?

How use the custom formula feature to pass a formula or function to an Excel or Google spreadsheet when exporting data out of AZInsight?

Follow the steps outlined below for instructions on how to pass a formula or function to a spreadsheet when exporting out of AZInsight:

1. Click on the gear settings icon then click on Export Configuration
2. Locate the Export profile you wish to use under the "Manage Export profiles" table and click edit
3. Drag and drop the "Custom Formula" or click on the checkbox next to Custom Formula and move the field to the right hand to active it

4. Click on the pencil next to the work Custom Formula to open the formula or function editor window
5. Enter a name for your formula or function
6. Enter the formula or function referencing the column letters to perform a function
For example, you can specify a function to add the data in cell A with the data in cell B by using =sum(A:A+B:B)
Click here to see an example list of formulas/functions that you can pass to an excel and google sheet.

6. Click on Save to apply the change
7. Go into the calculator screen and click the G button to export the data and then view your spreadsheet with your formula.